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Network With Out Fear and Rejection

Online Gambler Wednesday, August 1, 2007
It's a fact that most of the business that is conducted today is the direct result of network marketing efforts. Most people have to see a product or service advertisement seven times before they will buy, but are more likely to purchase much sooner if a friend, family member, colleague, or some person of influence refers them to that product or service.

There are a large number of small business owners that don't do any networking, and the biggest reason is that they are scared. Public speaking is not an easy thing to do and it frightens most people. I have a few tips that can help you get over this fear.

How are you going to get over the fear of speaking in public? Easy; the answer is practice. Listed below are some tips to follow.

1. Your are a professional and what do professionals do? They study and they practice their craft. So step one is the most important, practice at every free moment of the day. Practice to where you have it down without even thinking about it. Till it becomes natural.

2. Be prepared and have all your marketing materials ready the night before and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

3. When you are in your car on the way to a function, you need to get yourself pumped up and motivated. No worries, because if you followed the suggestions above, your ready for it.

Now you might ask, well how do you deal with the fear of rejection? Well that's easy. Develop a rejection free 30sec or so advertisement for your business. Part of what lends to this fear is that you feel that you are trying to sell everyone in the room your product or service. This is the wrong attitude to have. Your goal when networking needs to be making contacts and how can you help them and how they can help you. Not selling them. Now if they need what you offer that's great and it becomes a selling opportunity; but it is not your goal. Follow steps here in order to develop your own spiel.

1. Introduce yourself and your company name.

2. Next generate a statement of what you do rather then simply saying what you do. Example don't say I'm a landscaper, instead say We assist our clients in planning and creating their own at home paradise."

3. Tell them 1 or 2 important facts or typical hot buttons your clients will have.

4. This is the last step and it is what makes it rejection free. Tell them who the perfect client is for you. Again if you were landscaper "the perfect client for me would be someone that wants to improve the look of their yard or is feed up with the upkeep of maintaining their yard. If you know anyone like that please refer them to me." Do you see what this statement does? You are asking them in a very casual way if they know someone then let them know about you. Your not trying to sell them, if they are now interested in your product or service they will ask you.

5. This whole spiel needs to be no more then 30 sec.

Follow the steps above and you'll be able to Network with out Fear. And don't forget to practice.

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