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Online Gambler Sunday, November 11, 2007
Think twice before you put Google Ads or Yahoo Ads on your blog.

Why? Because Google does not want to promote blogs which offer Yahoo Ads and Yahoo doesn't either. So their algorithms are set to give a lower rating if you have one or the other on your blog.

Plus why only get pennies for your advertising space when you could get dollars?

Neither search Engine will penalize your blog if you use advertising from sites like Amazon or similar sites as an affiliate.

Also if your blog ends up really popular -- you could sell your blog advertising space for even more money than what Amazon offers. There are plenty of corporations who will do this if you have a content rich blog where their product is a natural spin-off to what you've written about.

For instance:

Say you have a cruise travel blog which covers what to take, where you went, why you enjoyed it, etc. Don't you think a cruise ship company would be more than willing to pay you to advertise their cruises?

Or how about travel agents? They could also be a possible source of income if you have a small graphic linking to their site. Even a text link would work.

Companies are looking for bloggers who have a niche audience for placing their ads. It means the person clicking over is already targeted to buy what they have to sell. So figure out which companies are relevant to your blog and contact them. You could be pleasantly surprised at the dollars not pennies you receive.

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